Where to start

YOU (Youth Opportunities Underground) is about the youth that are served and the environment that they are part of.

My goal for this blog is to pull together thoughts, information, articles, trip reports, and guest writers to publish weekly or bi-weekly.

Mission Statement:
To support individuals and organizations that provide youth with the opportunity to discover their own potentials, prepare them to become responsible and caring adults through the exploration, study and stewardship of caves, their biology and geology, as well as their environmental and historical significance.

How I became involved in this is a long story in itself, and I will go into that later and throughout other post. Basically I became a Scoutmaster when my son's Troop was in need of one. I was in Scouts and a kid and thought this would be a good chance for us to do something together. I was still doing it after he aged out. The outdoor program was my favorite part of the program. Again, more details late on that thought.
After eight years as Scoutmaster I became involved with caving and the Philadelphia Grotto, and shortly after that the National Speleological Society.
I have managed to combine both interests. It has been a lot of fun and look forward to continuing and expanding this direction with varied participation in different positions in different committees and organizations. All with youth and caves.


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