Dragon Breath Grotto Caving in Central Pennsylvania 5-23-10

It’s been over a year and a half since I’ve been underground. We have some new blood in the Crew and they are ready to go,op6 too. We met up at the McDonald’s at Morgantown. Pete, Katie, Steve, and Andy were there before me. Marcy, Matt, and Andrew showed up just after I got there.
Pete’s been on two caving trips with us. Katie caved with another group once. This is the first for Matt and Andrew. Along to help out was Mindy, Steve, Andy, Ed, and Marcy, so we were well covered.
We arrived at the cave around 11 and were underground by 11:30. Took a moment to get our eyes adjusted then went to the first room. From here on in we pushed all the tight squeezes we could find. Did a little bloudering and scrambling, too. I think we covered almost every part of that cave. Over all it was over four hours and everyone was whipped by the end.
There was lots of mud on this trip. With all the rain we’ve been having and all the snow over the winter, the water table is a little high. Normally things are a little sticky and there were times when this cave was actually dry. But this time there were even standing puddles, which made it a bit more challenging and fun.

We need to compile and exchange pictures and see what everyone has. Hopefully there’s plenty to show off to friends so they can see what they missed out on. Maybe the next trip we’ll have a few more new people. If you’d like to join us, let us know.

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