DBG caving with Troop 76 4-2-11

Saturday morning Linsey met me, Amos, and Steve at our normal McDonald’s meeting place with 2 new people. Emerson and Keri were going on their first caving trip with Dragon Breath Grotto. We’re going to meet Troop 76 at the rest stop before we get off the interstate to collect everybody.
I stopped by one of their Troop meeting and talked to the kids and adults about gear, caves, bats, and answered a few questions. They seemed ready to go.
The Troop had 7 boys and 5 adults caving that day. We got to the property, suited up, got everybody helmets and lights and headed into the cave. Inside the entrance we had our review of the rules and double checked all the gear. Then we headed to the first big room where we divided into groups to go exploring.
Steve took Linsey, Emerson, and Keri in one group. We wanted to see how the new guys will do underground. Then the adults for Troop 76 divided their guys up according to age and ability. Amos took the more ambitious group and I took the younger guys.
I didn’t want to wear my guys out, so we limited our trip to about two and half hours. They did good with what I threw at them. I went back in to find Amos and his group. They were starting to wind down, too. They were out about 45 minutes after the first group.
Amos and I went back into find Steve and his group. They were still going strong and having a good time. Found out they were playing hide and seek with us and spent time hiding in the dark to avoid running into the other two groups.

Luckily Amos and I were there to see Keri and Linsey try one more squeeze. They did really well at it. By the time we exited it was about four and a half to five hours in the cave.
Everyone was tired and hungry so we changed and headed out to a dinner and had a small feast and headed home.
Emerson and Keri did really well. They seemed have an natural ability to moving underground. Their enthusiasm was unmatched as well. We’ll be seeing them soon. Need to take another Troop caving in a few weeks and they will be helpful with that trip.

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