Westtown School Caving Trip

I went and did a “cave talk” at Westtown School. They were very receptive to what I had to tell them and the idea of an adventure underground. There were probably 11 people at the cave talk. That's a good indication of how many people are going to show up for the trip. They said they had 15 people in all sign up. In my experience usually only 60% of the sign ups actually show up for the trip.
We met them the morning of the trip at a rest stop along the way. Watching the kids at the rest stop I mentioned to the schools leaders that it looked like a good turn out. That's when they told me a last minute change in numbers. Instead of 15 people they had 16. WOW. Ok, so we did a little scramble and made sure everyone had their head covered and enough lights.
After we were suited up and in the cave we divided into 3 groups of varying levels of abilities. Even though I had the group that was suppose to be the lower end, they did every squeeze and crawl we came across without a blink or hesitation. I even heard some laughs along the way.
I'm not going into go into a lot of detail. There's a mess of pictures and video to look at to see for yourself how they did. Check them out and enjoy the trip.


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