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The National Speleological Society (www.caves.org) has a little known and used FREE resources for youth organizations, or anybody, wishing information about caves and caving. The NSS has 5 brochures that they will send you for FREE.
The NSS Membership Information” tells what the benefits are of being a member of the NSS and what they do for the environment. This also tells you how to join.
The Guide to Responsible Caving” talks about caves and the many elements of caving such as safety, training, and cave owner relationships. This is very important to know before you start planning your caving trip.
Fragile Underground” talks more about what you find in a cave and why it’s important to leave what you find and how easily destroyed the cave environment is.
Lava Tube Caves” talks about how lava tubes are formed and the differences between them and the more popular solution caves.
Bats” is about, well, bats. What bats do and why we need them.
When you order your brochures please let them know what organization you will be using them for. And it you can let them know you heard about this great recourse on the YOUCave blog.

What’s Killing Our Bats” is available only in a pdf download. This is a great way to help educate about White Nose Syndrome, a new disease that’s killing millions of bats in the US.

There are some additional pdf brochures that are specifically targeted for youth organizations. These 5 brochures can also be downloaded as a pdf and printed out for distribution, and they are FREE as well.
Caving: A Policy Statement and Guidelines on Caving Prepared by the Youth Groups Liaison Committee of the National Speleological Society and the Boy Scouts of America” is written specifically for Boy Scouts, but has a lot of good information for any youth organization to consider using.
Youth Group Caving; Legal Issues and General Info for the Experienced Caver“ is intended for the caver who is leading the trip. This is also good for the youth group leader to understand what your guide is considering for your trip.
Information for Youth Group Leaders and Parents“ and “Caving Equipment; A Discussion for Youth Group Leaders and Parents” should be printed out for every adult and parent of every youth going caving.
Equipment Checklist” should be printed and distributed to everybody going on the trip so they know what they will need.

Before you start planning your caving trip go to the NSS brochures page at http://www.caves.org/brochure/index.shtml and order enough brochures for everyone in your youth organization. After all, they are FREE

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