Face Book and Videos are Good for Your Crew

What do you see common with these
 two pictures?
How are they different from this picture?

Parents are able to watch, and from a distance, participate in their child's sports and musical activities. It's difficult for a parent to be in the audience for their child on an outdoor high adventure activity. Scouting is built around outdoor high adventurer activities. Parents don't usually get to see their kids participate in the “meat and potatoes” of this program. Unlike attending the playoff games or the holiday concert, parents can't attend the 50 mile backpacking trip, whitewater rafting, or caving trip. It's difficult for parents to really experience what their children are experiencing on these adventures. Until recently.
Like other Venturing Crews we have a web site and email list. Mostly this is just information about what's going on and when things are happening. We have also taken advantage of creating a Face Book page. Our Face Book page is like our “front porch” Everyone can see what's there and they know you live there. They are all welcome to come sit and visit. I have posted pictures before on this page. The kids love this. They grab the pics and use them for profiles and bragging rights. I've recently started posting videos of our trips here, too.

With the ability of publicly “tagging” the kids in the pics and vids you automatically call attention to these kids from their friends and families with a big “this is what I do”. Now parents get to be in the audience of all our caving trips. I've even had a couple different parents from two different activities thank me for letting them see what their kids are really capable of doing and how much fun they have doing it.
The Face Book Page is a very useful tool that all outdoor activity clubs need to be using. It levels the playing field when it comes to letting parents know how well their kids are doing and how much they grow and enjoy our activities. The Face Book Page is a great way to promote your Troop, Crew, Y, or other outdoor club. Use it to it's fullest and see your program grow.

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