PA Dutch Venturing Roundtable

I’ve been asked a couple times to give a talk about caving at a Venturing Roundtable for the Pennsylvania Dutch Council, BSA. I finally got it on my schedule without conflicts. As it was only a 45 minute drive I should have done a talk for them sooner. Damian and Gretchen came along to help me out and learn more about these cave talks.

The challenge is that each talk is different. Each is catered to the specific group I’m talking to and their interests. I don’t usually know all this until I see them and start talking. Some of the material I plan on getting across is the same for all groups. Safety, biology, geology, LNT, land owner relationship are the basic topics. How much I cover on each and other topics depends on the group’s interests. If I see eyes glazing over I change topics and go onto something more active. If they start asking specific questions, I spend more time on that subject.

These folks have their Venturing Roundtable then break off for a Venturing Officers Association meeting for youth and the Venturing Committee meeting for adults. After my talk I had an opportunity to talk with a few of the adult leaders and just hear what their interests are. One Crew was into shooting sports and another was into extreme geocaching. My Crew is definitely interested in both of those activities and will be looking at planning weekends with them and exchange activities.

It was a great turn out. They had something like 30 people there. Hopefully we’ll get some interest in caving and maybe even the Cave Exploring Elective for Ranger Award.

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