JSS at NSS Convention 2013

I’m going to be helping with the Junior Speleological Society program during the NSS Convention this year. In addition to all the great caving trips there have been a lot of good activities over the years. The themed trips like “Caving with the President” have been popular. The “Early Bird Science” programs and “Vertical Instruction and Practice” were also popular. There were also non-caving events like the JSS BBQ, the Swim Party, Movie Night, and an assortment of day hikes and trips.

1999 Schedule

2000 Schedule

2001 Schedule

2002 Schedule

2003 Schedule

2004 Schedule

2005 Schedule

2006 Schedule

2007 Schedule

2008 Schedule

I would like to hear from those who have participated in any of these programs. I would like to know what your one favorite activity was. Just pick one, if you can. The one activity you are really looking forward to doing again. If your kids are not on the list, please ask them and reply here for them. What was it that made it your favorite activity? Even if they are no longer a kid but had a great experience at JSS years ago. What did you get out of it or bring away from it?
I’m looking forward to hearing input especially from the kids. It’s their program. I’d like to see them participate and enjoy their week at Convention 2013.


  1. The Mommoth Cave outing sounds very cool. Wish it was offered near me. My son and I have done a few Spelunking events with the scouts and he loves it.

    1. Where are you located. Maybe I know someone who could help your son plan something for his Troop.


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