Taking Troop 619 Caving

Troop 619 is in Chester County Council, BSA in southeastern Pennsylvania. I was able to meet and go talk to them in person about caves and caving before we went on our trip underground. They are a great Troop with great leaders. I've met Ann and Raul before. They are dedicated Scouters who have a genuine interest in these youth and Scouting in general. It was a no-brainer to take their Troop on a trip that the boys came up with themselves.

When we all arrived at the cave they could hardly contain themselves. Five of them practically bursting out of the van with enthusiasm. I was a little concerned that this was their first trip and they would be apprehensive. I very quickly was relieved on this concern.

I did have some help for the day. Alex Diamond was along to make sure no stragglers were left behind and to take these guys places I can not. I also had Ed and Eliza from Philly Grotto along and helping out as well. We also had Doug Cook and a few members of Venturing Crew 51 along. Doug has caved with me before and was excited about getting a couple Crew members out and underground with us. It was a great combination of cavers.

The video gives you just a glimpse of the fun we had.

I hope that Troop 619 takes back stories and pictures to share with the rest of the Troop. Hopefully this will inspire more of them to come along and play in the mud with us the next time.

More pictures can me found here.

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