WCU Outdoor Club Caving Trip Num 2

Last week I wrote about the West Chester University Outdoor Club. This week is a continuation. If you remember I told you that the groups was so big we had to break the trip into two different trips. Here's trip number two.

Please don't ask which trip was better. They both were a lot of fun. Both groups were very capable and fun to be around. Don't believe me? Watch the video. You can decide if you can pick the better trip. I can't.


If you want more information about taking youth groups caving, or you're just curious about what's involved with getting kids underground, visit the National Speleological Society - Youth Group Liaison Committee at www.caves.org/youth. Or you can email me directly at allenmaddox@youcave.org.

Get Involved

YOUCave can use your help. If you have a talent that you feel would be useful to YOUCave, or can fulfill an existing opening, please email me at allenmaddox@youcave.org.


This is a volunteer position, but can look good on your resume.
  • Contact leads and conduct interviews by phone or Skype of people participating in youth group caving trips across the USA.
  • Create and post weekly articles for the YOUCave blog.

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Making a purchase at our store not only gets you a great t-shirt, it also helps get kids underground. Show some YOUCave love and get some swag. https://shop.spreadshirt.com/YOUCave/

Cave Safely, Cave Softly, Cave Often,


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