Boy Scouts of America Guidelines for Caving

One of the greatest obstacles Scout Leaders have when choosing an activity is how to do the activity they know nothing, or very little, about. They often ask, “How do I take my Scouts caving?”

A caving trip is educational; no doubt about it, but it should also be fun and memorable. And for the Scout Leaders it should be easy to pull off. This is my goal with every trip I guide. Understanding all the rules is the key to doing that.

These three episodes I try to explain what all the rules are for caving with Boy Scout and Venturers. The first episode I cover the Guide to Safe Scouting section on caving. The second episode I talk about the first four points of the new Cave Safely, Cave Softly guidelines for caving with Boy Scouts. The third episode I talk about the final four points of the guide.

Altogether this should be a comprehensive explanation of all the Boy Scouts of America caving guidelines and how I use them as a cave guide.

Let me plug my resources into your program.

  • I provide essential safety equipment for the day. I can provide other equipment that your Girl Scouts and Leaders may find convenient.
  • I have resources that most commercial outfitters don’t have, such as relationships with land owners and managers to get permission to enter wild caves on private properties. Yes, “caves”. If your Troop has been on a beginner trip with me already and want to try something a little more challenging, that can be arranged easily.
  • I have been taking Scouts cave exploring for many years and have developed a reputation of leading a fun, challenging, educational, and safe trip. Check out my Facebook Page and blog for stories and pictures of my adventures.
  • I have FBI and Pennsylvania State clearances for child abuse prevention. I also have First Aid and CPR/AED with Child CPR.
  • I take plenty of pictures and video for your Troop to share with your families and friends (it’s the only way they will believe what you really did).
  • I also know the best pizza places for dinner after the caving trip.

Make your Troop awesome with caving as part of your program. Make my resources part of your Troop’s program.
Send me an email at to start a conversation about taking your Troop caving.

Cave Safely, Cave Softly, Cave Often,
Allen Maddox
Youth Opportunities Underground - Founder


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