Caving With Troop 144 9/17/2022

 Its Dark Without the Light

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We’ve been trying to get this trip together for a while. With all the activities kids have, it’s hard to find a “good” date for almost 20 people. But, we did it. Or so we thought.

The day of the trip we met at the Sheetz. The group size dwindled down to seven people. Four youth and three adults.

One advantage to a smaller group is that we suited up quickly. There was another group already in the cave, so we didn’t have to fiddle around with the cave gate. We were inside, did the LNT and Cavers’ Creed talk, and down the first passage before noon. I think that’s a first for me.

They all did very well climbing up the pile of rocks in the Breakdown Room. But, going down the Shimmy Passage, one youth was a little freaked. He sucked it up and completed the obstacle.

Everyone asks, “Where does that hole go?” They are talking about the “Wishing Well.” I give a brief description and encourage them to take a look and try it. Most of them actually did. I was impressed. The rest of us went around and met them on the other side. Since that was so easy for them I had to find something harder to do.

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I had them scramble through and over all kinds of passage, but nothing was stopping them. When we ended up in “Hanging Rock Hall” I told them they could poke around and explore the side passages. They squirmed through loops I hadn’t had time to explore myself. Nothing was stopping them.

We went “off the map” and they climbed to their hearts content. And eventually we found our way out and exited the cave. I think over all we were underground almost four hours and saw most of the cave.

These guys I definitely want to take caving again. Maybe something different to see how they do.

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