First Time Caver (Spelunker) Starter Pack

One of the fun parts of taking youth groups caving is going to their meeting before the trip to get them prepared for an awesome time.

We cover a lot of topics about geology, biology, the ethics of Leave No Trace, proper caving equipment, and safe caving practices.

When it comes to gear I usually can provide the use of a helmet and headlamp for the trip for each in their group who are going. But there are always whispers and pointing and someone usually asks, “Where can get that?” or “Do I really need that?” I try to be as helpful with suggestions as I can.

The day of the trip kids show up with an assortment of gear. Usually someone does not have gloves, water, or knee pads. Sometime those that have a pack bring something too large to be comfortable for a first time day caving trip. Usually the reason for the lack of gear is because of money and not wanting to spend it on something that may not be used again.
My solution for this is the First Time Caver (Spelunker) Starter Pack. I’ve pulled together a starter kit containing knee pads, gloves, water bottle, and string bag. I’ve tried to make this as inexpensive as possible so the first time caver does not have to spend a lot of money or a lot of time finding these items. 

For information on purchasing the First Time Caver Starter Pack, email me at

The profits from the First Time Caver (Spelunker) Start Pack is not much, but it does go back into the program to get more kids underground and enjoying cave exploring.
Please consider sharing this with your beginner cavers and adult leaders of youth groups and organization’s youth programs.


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