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Caving with Crew 456

Mark this on the calendar. Although I was not the first one there, I was early to a rendezvous point for a caving trip. Molly was already there and Amos was pulling in right after me with Marci, Josh, and Mikey. We were headed out to central PA and meeting up with Andy Field. Meeting us at the cave was Crew 456.

Josh has been caving with us for a while. He has several caves on his resume. This was Mikey's second caving trip. He was excited to try this cave after an enjoyable trip to Wind Cave.

We arrived at the property about 11:30. The owners were there already. After our greetings and suiting up we all gathered in the "cave house" where we divided up into 2 groups, Crew 9 in one group and Crew 456 in the other. Crew 9 went to the Earth Room first. It's tight, but the reward is great. Very well decorated with formations and preserved. Then we headed out towards the bigger passages of the cave. There is a little climbing, and little squeezing, and a little chimneying…

Welcome Joey Fagan as the NSS YGLC Regional Coordinator for VAR

The NSS Youth Group Liaison Committee has been looking to fill volunteer positions of Regional Coordinator for each of the NSS Regions. Joey Fagan has stepped up to the plate and offered his extensive knowledge of caving and cavers in Virginia and West Virginia, Joey is also active and knowledgeable in both Boy and Girl Scouts.
Instead of telling you about Joey here, read his web page at .