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Zahne's First Caving Trip

We started this trip as a beginner trip for all the new people who have been coming to our Grotto meetings to check us out. We want to give everyone an opportunity to get underground as soon as they can.
Eventually showing up in Sunday morning was Steve Paylor and his girl friend Debbie. This would be her first caving trip. Amos was there. Marcy was there with there with her 2 nephews, Josh and Even. This was Evans second caving trip. Josh has been caving for several years already. Paul McKenzie was there with his two kids, Connor and Amelia, who have caved a few times before too. I was there with my grandson, Zahne. This was his first caving trip.

By the time we drove there and changed and sorted out gear we entered Carnegie about 12:30. The entrance wasn’t too wet. Fairly normal for this cave. As we entered into the first passage there was more water than the last time we were there. The duck under wasn’t very high, just a puddle and the main room only had water to just below my kne…