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Caving with Crew 28

I met Jenna and Jasmine at the 2016 NER Area 6 Phenomenon. They had a great time playing with the squeeze box along with many other Venturers.

Jenna was one of the two youth who made the smallest squeeze at 5 ½ inches. Do you want to see what that was like? See it here.
Jenna invited me to a Crew 28 meeting to talk about caves and safe caving practices. Everyone was interested in trying a real caving trip, so we set a date in January to go.

As the date grew closer we had a rare opportunity offered to us. Clevesburg Sink is usually a flooded cave, but the water receded and for the first time in almost a decade, was dry enough to explore.

Mike Shank, a caver and Scouter friend who knows Clevesburg Sink, offered to guide us for the trip. Jumping at the chance, we took him up on his offer.

Amos Mincin and Andy Field met me at our normal place and we drove to New Holland to meet up with …

Venturing Crew 851 Caving Trip

by Jeff and Katie Burt

Venturing is a co-ed, youth-run division of Boy Scouts, through which members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of high adventure activities. One such activity is the annual caving trip. Of course, for Crew 851, this does not involve your typical tourist-friendly cave with audio devices and hand rails. Instead, for a number of years, our adventurous bunch has preferred to crawl through damp, pitch-black tunnels and stumble through dusty caverns throughout MD and its surrounding states.

Thus, in the fall of 2016, Crew 851 embarked on yet another caving trip, this time, in the Cleversburg Sink Caves of Pennsylvania. After appropriate planning, involving permission form and tour plan creation, location selection, guide contacting, and gear briefing, our Crew was ready to go. So, on the morning of October 22nd, we drove to what, at first glance, appeared to be a deserted lot, featuring a disheveled garage and assorted debris. There, we met our experienc…