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Caving With Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Council 11-18-18

Yes, they were at it again. This time there were two new Troops to introduce to caving. Eastern PA Council set this one up at the same time as the one in October. This trip originally had sixteen people, but one Troop backed out at the last minute. It’s a shame because they missed a very good time with these girls. Maybe they’ll come out again when they can. We have been having a tremendous amount of rain and unprecedented snowfall for this time of year. As a result the cave actually had a good bit of water in it.

I like to use this cave for beginner trips because it is stable. But I’ve never seen this much water in this cave. Parts that usually have a little sticky mud had water over the top of my thigh. I choose to avoid the lower parts of the cave. For most of the girls this was their first wild caving trip. I didn’t want to take any chances with them and I didn’t want anyone cold and miserable. But they all got very muddy, and had a blast. How could I tell? Watch the video. L…

Trip to Bear Cave with Scout Troop 186 (Birdville) from Natrona Heights

This is a guest post by Steve Kovack who is a long time member of Loyalhanna Grotto.
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The weather was predicted to be low 90’s with a 40% chance of thundershowers, but the morning dawned hazy but cloudy and at 9am it was only 72 degrees. We met near our Troop meeting area in Natrona Heights at 8:15 and drove to Blairsville, only stopping for a brief stocking up at the famous Sheetz in New Alexandria where Steelers kicker Jeff Reed had his misunderstanding with the towel dispenser. We stocked up on Corn Nuts and hit the road, arriving in the parking area at 9:20. There were no other visitors today and I had the Scouts retrieve the log book and sign us in. We noticed that there have not been many visitors in June other than a group called “Outbound Adventures” who have visited about once a week. Jason checked out the information board and noted that each of the four pamphlet boxes seemed to h…

The Phenomenon Part 2: The Caving Trip

This is a continuation from The Phenomenon Part 1: A Day With the Squeeze Box posted a few weeks ago.

I wanted to do something special on this trip for the kids who decided to go with me to the Phenomenon.
Being as we’re in Virginia I thought it would be nice to explore a cave that we haven’t been in before. Well ahead of time I tapped my network of cavers to ask around if anyone in VA would be interested in taking us to a beginner cave.

Eagerly the call was answered by Tom Tucker, Ellie Florance, and Earl and Cheryl Suitor from Front Royal Grotto in Virginia.

We made arrangements to meet them at the Skyline Caverns parking lot and explore Allen’s Cave which is just next to the commercial cave.

Man did it rain Saturday evening and through the night. Nothing washed away, but I did find I have a leak in my tent that needs to be patched. Sleeping was a little uncomfortable. Instead of a good night’s sleep I’ll can it a really good nap.

Just like the day before everyone was getting up o…

4th & 5th graders dig CaveSim

"Dave and Tracy Jackson are cavers and NSS members, and we build cave simulators in our free time. We love introducing kids and adults to real caving (and to many other outdoor activities). We do lots of free outreach to the public with CaveSim, and we hope you get to crawl through soon!"

This is Dave's post number 3 on CaveSim. It expresses the need to get CaveSim on the road to outreach to people.

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