Cave Exploring With Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Council 10-2018

Last year the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania must have had a great time. They asked to go caving again. This time there were all new people on the trip. 

There were 16 of them in all. 12 youth and 3 adults from 2 different Girl Scout Troops, and 1 from the GS of Eastern PA Council. These girls did really good. But what would you expect from Girl Scouts. They eagerly took on every challenge. 

We didn't get to see the whole cave. But they are anxious to come back and try some more. I really hope they do. I'd like to see what other challenges they conquer.

You can see more pictures on our Facebook page here. Or on Pinterest here.

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Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Summer Camp 2018

This year was no different. I took Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Summer Camp underground. There were a lot of new kids and a few from last year. All week long they have been learning about rocks and a bit about geology.

There were 17 of them, including staff. They all did really good and tried all the challenges we had time for. I wish we had time to see the whole cave. I wish we had time to see other caves. I wish I had about a dozen like them to spend the whole year with. There is a lot I could teach a group of kids like this. 
I tried to get as many pictures of them as I could so they can tag and bag them for proof of what they accomplished. No one is going to believe you when you get back to school in a few weeks. I hope some of them come back next year. 
Like I said, I really enjoyed playing with them. Hummmm. I wonder if they need any more councilors next year. It would be awesome to spend the whole week with them, and see what other program weeks are like. 
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Powder Horn 2018


Boy Scouts of America Guidelines for Caving


Caving With Crew 21

August 12, 2017 I took Venturing Crew 21, from Woodbury, NJ, on a cave exploring trip in central Pennsylvania. We started working on this in June and pulled it together fairly quickly.

The Crew planned a camping trip around the day of caving, which is a great way to do this if it’s too far for a day trip. You can probably get some feedback from them on where they stayed and their experience there.

 You can find more information on them on their Facebook page at

I posted the pictures on Facebook at

Enjoy the video

If you would like more information on how to take your Troop, Crew, or club on a cave exploring trip, please feel free to contact me at

Caving With Boy Scout Troop 368

The Scoutmaster of Troop 368 contacted the Pennsylvania Cave Commission looking for a way to take his Boy Scout Troop on a beginner cave exploring trip. He didn’t want a commercial cave with walk ways and lights. He was looking for crawling and climbing and getting muddy.

A friend of mine from the PCC forwarded his request to me hoping I could help. This was all back in 2016 and May 2017 we made this happen.

Their meeting place was a bit far for me to travel to give a cave talk at their Troop meeting. We set up a Skype call which worked out really well. We could see each other and talk about caves, how they are formed and how we, as cavers, try to preserve them.

Coming from difference places, we all met up at a convenience store about a mile from the cave. They were all set and ready to go. At the cave we distributed and checked helmets and lights. Inside the gate entrance we had a reminder talk about safety and cave edict and made all the introductions.  These guys were good sports…