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Kids Trip Into Butler Cave

- by Tony Canike, President: Butler Cave Conservation Society

The Butler Cave Conservation Society organized a kids trip into Butler Cave over the 2015 Memorial Day Weekend which included five adults and nine kids aged 16-7. Two of the adults and four of the children were new to caving; all of the kids (and the adults!) had a lot of fun crawling and scrambling for three hours. Two of the children, a 15 yo boy and a 13 yo girl were familiar with the route; they led much of the trip and guided the other kids with a little assistance from an adult trip leader. One of the first-time cavers, a 14 yo girl, is an experienced rock climber and boulder and she showed the other kids how to spot each other on scrambles.

Questions?If you want more information about taking youth groups caving, or you’re just curious about what’s involved with getting kids underground, visit the National Speleological Society Youth Group Liaison Committee at Or you can email me directly at allenma…