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Venturing Crew 94 Cave Exploring In Virginia

by Makinzie Ackroyd

Venture Crew 94 from Kimberton, Pennsylvania is a small group but very active. On June 13 to the 16, this small coeducational group went to Virginia for some adventure.

This amazingly group went underground and explored the earths caverns (and some clay art). After climbing around and getting dirty, we were lead into the cool stream of the underground to a magnificent waterfall.  After some pictures, we climbed out, though some carried on to explore more while others left to get changed and relax. That's not all we did.

The next day, Wednesday June 15, we went kayaking down Green Briar Creek. After all that adventure, it only gets better.  The very next day, we combined the activities from the two prior days. Now this is what people call an underground adventure, we will never forget.

This Venture Crew is not just caving. We go camping and on new adventures all the time. A few years ago on another summer trip we went zorbing, an activity where they climb into gi…

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It’s all fun and games till, well, till we’re done having fun and games.  And sometimes caving can be just fun and games. The Philadelphia Grotto ( is a chapter of the National Speleological Society ( Dragon Breath Grotto ( is a caving program for Scouts that the Philadelphia Grotto passionately supports.

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