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The Phenomenon Part 1: A Day With the Squeeze Box

It started off as a simple idea.
The Chester County Council VOA wanted to take the Squeeze Box to the North East Area 6 Venturing Phenomenon to promote caving as an activity they like to do. What could be more fun? Getting to talk to a mess of kids about how much I enjoy crawling in the mud in a hole in the ground.

Actually this is quite flattering. Some of these kids I took caving like it as much as I do. So they invited me along on their Area 6 activity to help them with this project. The shout went out to other Crews to see who wanted to go.

Once we got our final head count our contingent Crew was made up of Catie McEntee, Allison McEntee,and Elsye Mark from Crew 23 of Downingtown, PA; Katrina Berry, Liane LaPorte, Emily Giacomucci, Christine Nguyen, Barb Grover and Bill LaPorte from Crew 94 of Peonixville, PA; and Martha Giammusso, Steven Rhoads, Damian Paterno, and myself, Allen Maddox from Crew 9 of Honey Brook, PA.

The VOA set this all up. I didn’t have to do much. Drive and s…

Caving From 8 ‘til Midnight. Work Be Damned.

This is a guest post from Christopher Edenbo. Chris is the Chair and Youth Group Liaison for the York Grotto in Pennsylvania.. Chris works at the Diakon Wilderness Center, a part of Diakon Youth Services, which has been a leading provider of specialized services for children and youths from across Pennsylvania. Primarily serving at-risk youths referred by county juvenile probation departments or children and youth services. Please subscribe to not miss any issues of YOUCave, leave a comment, and share with your friends.Thanks,
Monday, March 19, 2012

Chris Edenbo, Nathan MacLane, Matt Steiman, Daniel Grover, Heather Livingston

Matt contacted me some weeks ago saying that he had some workers around the Dickinson College Farm who were interested in caving. He wanted to take them to “that cave by 81” that Franklin County Grotto folks had taken him to some years ago. After asking a few questions I figured out that he was talking about Peiper Cave. So we began the process of narrowi…