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I'm just sharing some reminiscing from last year. The "kids" decided to go to West Virginia to do a BIG CAVE...
It was a blast. Had so much fun we're going to do it again, and again, and again....
I hope you enjoy this short version of a spectacular weekend,

Cave Safely, Cave Softly, Cave Often,

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“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but well placed footsteps, kill nothing but t…

Troop 677, Bozeman, MT Goes To Dragonbreath Cave, Idaho

    by -  Eli Kutsch, SPL, Troop 677

Troop 677 of Bozeman, MT recently headed to Idaho for our first caving high adventure (low adventure?) experience. We were guided by Vern Bowden, an experienced caver and scouter from Manhattan, MT. We were also joined by an adventuresome scout from Troop 676.      Mr. Bowden came to our troop meeting the week before our trip to show us how to “be prepared” for this trip in terms of the necessary gear, caving “leave no trace” ethics, safety awareness, and positive attitudes. We thought we knew what to expect…..but were soon surprised by the rugged beauty of the lava desert and the cave itself! We followed Mr.Bowden off-road through miles of sage and lava rock and wondered how anyone could have found this cave in such a remote area. We learned later that the rubble resulting from the collapse of a portion of the Dragonbreath lava tube caused a suspicious formation that was noticed from above by someone in a plane!

     When we arrived in the area of the…