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Boy Scout Troop 67 Goes Spelunking

Starting to Plan the Caving Trip
Back in November, Dean Coffin from Boy Scout Troop 67 of Wilmington, DE, contacted me about getting Troop 67 on a caving trip. They were looking at Wind Cave on December 15th for the trip. It is a little short notice, but I thought it would be possible to pull off.

I don’t usually take Troops and Crews to Wind Cave for their first caving trip because it does get a lot of local “spelunkers” and vandals and it’s not a good example of a typical Pennsylvania Cave. If you can get past the graffiti and trash it is a fun cave to play in. It has a variety of climbs and squeezes that can challenge most beginners. As a tectonic cave it is a good example of this particular and unique geological classification of cave.

The up side is that it is close enough to Wilmington the group from Troop 67 could cave in the morning and be back for afternoon activities with the rest of the Troop. This meant me getting up early to collect cavers from Dragon Breath Grotto and get…