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Changes to BSA Caving Document

There have been some changes to the caving policies document that all Units of the Boy Scouts of America use. The document in it's entirety can be found on the NSS web sites at Just to highlight the major changes (but these may not be all the changes). If you are a BSA Leader or taking some Scouts caving, please read and understand this document. It's important to the caves, the caving community, and the image that BSA portrays as responsible cavers.

Old Version New Version NA Important Things to Know Cavers live by this creed: Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time. Safety-conscious cavers always: • Wear a helmet with a chinstrap • Have a headlamp on the helmet • Have two other working lights in their pack as backups • Wear protective clothing and gloves General Caving Policy 5. All Scout groups are required to have an approved tour permit for trips of all kinds. Cave activities are included under that plan. Nati…