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Project C.A.V.E.S. (Creative Adventures and Valuable Experiences through Spelunking) provided 18 high school students from across the state an authentic immersion in science outside of the classroom.  This seven day residential program for gifted science students was provided by a competitive grant from the Department of Education and hosted by the Ozarks Unlimited Resources (OUR) Cooperative on June 12-18.  Shelley Tomlinson, OUR Science Specialist and Sandra Johnson, OUR Gifted specialist worked together to secure the grant and administrate the program.  

The OUR Cooperative partnered with the National Park Service to provide a week of unforgettable learning experiences.  Buffalo National River Aquatic Ecologist Faron Usrey worked closely with the OUR staff to provide the facilities, caving equipment and access needed for a phenomenal experience. The students were housed at two Buffalo River ranger station locations including Toney Bend, near the Rush community, and Steel Creek, near…

September Newsletter 2016

Blog Post from August 2016Setting Up A Cave Exploring Display Table This past year I was invited to a few events, held by other organizations, to set up a display and talk about why I take kids caving. As much as I enjoy it, I was not really prepared. I had some brochures and a few pictures and props, but nothing that made my display stand out in a room full of other displays.

Behind the Scenes of YOUCave As some of you know, YOUCave is growing. What was once was a hobby blog has been becoming a full blow movement. What is the goal? For now it is to become a sustainable nonprofit on a mission.

To engage youth in unique underground discoveries that are coordinated to safely provide heightened sensory experiences and challenging physical and mental opportunities that build confidence, courage, and perseverance.

To provide groups and organizations our resources to strengthen their youth programing with cave exploring opportunities that promote environmental and cave conser…