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You Just Gotta See This Nine Year Old Caver

"...Nine-year old caver, Scout Aulenbach, of Lilburn, Georgia, was awarded the “Trail Dames Adventurer of the Year” at the Trail Dames Summit. Hers was one of two national awards presented at this women's hiking conference. Also awarded was the “Gregory Mountain Products Woman of the Year” award, which went to writer and adventurer Cindy Ross...."

Focus on Fagan

Joey Fagan is the NSS Youth Group Liaison Committee Regional Coordinator for the Virginia Area Region. There are some interesting links on his RC page I wanted to take some time to introduce you to some of them. This is a great clip from a caving trip he lead with his daughter for her girl Scout Troop. Click and enjoy.
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Colonial Coast Girl Scout Cavers

For more than 30 years, the Colonial Coast Girl Scout Cavers have been exploring caves in and around Lewisburg, West Virginia. To raise awareness for caving and to recruit girls to join them on their caving trips, the Girl Scout Cavers hold an annual event known as Cracks, Crevices and Crawlways.
Each year on the last weekend in January Girl Scout Cavers come from all over Virginia’s Tidewater area and Northeastern North Carolina to participate in this special event. The event is held inside the Enmeier Center at Girl Scout Camp Skimino in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Girl Scout Cavers turn the three story Enmeier Center into three levels of fun filled, action packed, indoor caving activities. Girl Scouts ranging from Brownies to Ambassadors come to participate in one of the two sessions; Saturday or Sunday. No Girl Scout event is complete without songs, so the Girl Scout Cavers open the event with a sing-a-long focused on caving. The tunes are familiar, but the words have bee…