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Youth Opportunities Underground is a nonprofit corporation providing a cave exploring program for youth groups and youth organizations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Cave exploring brings out the best in youth. Cave Exploring is a tool we use to stimulate curiosity, promote self-confidence, grow camaraderie as a team in a social environment, develop leadership skills, teach environmental awareness, and promote physical fitness.


To engage youth in unique underground discoveries that are coordinated to safely provide heightened sensory experiences and challenging physical and mental opportunities that build confidence, courage, and perseverance.


To provide groups and organizations our resources to strengthen their youth programming with cave exploring opportunities that promote environmental and cave conservation.


Providing youth safe, fun, intentional and educational caving opportunities regardless of financial means.
While there are other cave exploring outfitters, YOUCave’s vision provide a complete and affordable program that delivers our mission.

Products, Programs or Services

Guided Trips

YOUCave provides and leads cave exploring trips for all youth groups and youth organizations. We help the group leaders with planning the trip by providing and stepping through all the information they need. We provide learning opportunities for the youth to learn what they will see, what they will expect; and how to be safe in a cave. We provide specialized safety equipment to keep the cost down. We guide them in the selection of location. We abide by the youth organization’s rules and guidelines pertaining to this activity. We also follow major cave exploring groups’ general safety practices. However, the trips are the program of the youth group or youth organization.


Talks about caves, cave exploring, and youth experiences with cave exploring for any group or organization that is interested in this topic. Including, but not limited to, libraries, Lions’ Club, Rotary Club, High Schools, and Universities. We can also provide interactive learning experience to most age groups from kindergarten through college.


Many youth groups, youth organizations, caving and other nature and conservation organizations, and community organizations hold events, summits, and conventions. Participating in these as YOUCave or a member of the organizations promoting safe and ethical caving practices is important. This gets our name out to the public. More importantly it gets our mission out to the public.

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