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Bridal Cave Discovery News

I came across this little piece and thought it might be useful for some youth groups with younger kids who would like to talk about caves in their programs. I think this would also be useful for teachers and homeschool providers as well.
Bridal Cave is a commercial cave near Camdenton, MO.

They have special tours that target the imagination and curiosity of elementary school-aged childeren. They also have a PDF file called "Discovery News", which can be used in a classroom setting, even if the teacher doesn't know anything about caves or caving and even if you are nowhere near Missouri.
It can be downloaded at this link

here: If you find it useful, email the cave owns at and let them know. Oh yeah, and let them know that YOUCave sent you.

Questions?If you want more information about taking youth groups caving, or you’re just curious about what’s involved with getting kids underground, visit the