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Caving With Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Council 11-18-18

Yes, they were at it again. This time there were two new Troops to introduce to caving. Eastern PA Council set this one up at the same time as the one in October. This trip originally had sixteen people, but one Troop backed out at the last minute. It’s a shame because they missed a very good time with these girls. Maybe they’ll come out again when they can. We have been having a tremendous amount of rain and unprecedented snowfall for this time of year. As a result the cave actually had a good bit of water in it.

I like to use this cave for beginner trips because it is stable. But I’ve never seen this much water in this cave. Parts that usually have a little sticky mud had water over the top of my thigh. I choose to avoid the lower parts of the cave. For most of the girls this was their first wild caving trip. I didn’t want to take any chances with them and I didn’t want anyone cold and miserable. But they all got very muddy, and had a blast. How could I tell? Watch the video. L…

Behind the Scenes of YOUCave

As some of you know, YOUCave is growing. What was once was a hobby blog has been becoming a full blow movement. What is the goal? For now it is to become a sustainable nonprofit on a mission.

Mission To engage youth in unique underground discoveries that are coordinated to safely provide heightened sensory experiences and challenging physical and mental opportunities that build confidence, courage, and perseverance.

Vision To provide groups and organizations our resources to strengthen their youth programing with cave exploring opportunities that promote environmental and cave conservation.

Values Providing youth safe, fun, intentional and educational caving opportunities regardless of financial means.

What do you think?

If you want more information about taking youth groups caving, or you're just curious about what's involved with getting kids underground, visit the National Speleological Society - Youth Group Liaison Committee at Or you can em…

Setting Up A Cave Exploring Display Table

Sales and marketing are dirty words for most people. But, when it’s something you love to do it’s a joy. I enjoy spreading the word about how easy and fun it is to take kids caving.

This past year I was invited to a few events, held by other organizations, to set up a display and talk about why I take kids caving. As much as I enjoy it, I was not really prepared. I had some brochures and a few pictures and props, but nothing that made my display stand out in a room full of other displays.

I posted on Facebook my dilemma and asked for help and suggestions. As usual, my friends didn’t let me down. There were many fantastic ideas. So many that I cannot incorporate all of them right now. I have been able to use a good number of them. In the future I’ll be adding more of them.

I did a dry run to see what I have and set up the display table at home. I had to call in an expert designer to help me, my granddaughter Trinity. She has a much better sense of what looks good than I do.

Please don…

Newsletter for August 2016

I want to welcome all the new subscribers to YOUCave.  I hope you find this entertaining as well as informative. If you have any questions about taking youth cave exploring, or you have a suggestion for a topic you think I should explore with everyone, please feel free to let me know in the comments.

Blog Posts Brandywine Red Clay Alliance Summer Camp Explores Wind Cave The BRCA campers spent 2 hours exploring different parts of the cave. But it's so big they did not get to see all the rooms and passages. Hopefully, these campers will back again and see more of the cave.

Updates to the Website I added a couple pages to the website. Let me know what you think.

Speaking Page Yes, I do give talks. Mostly these are "Cave Talks" to the youth groups that I take cave exploring. I have done a couple of talks at libraries and for Powder Horns. I enjoy doing these and I'd like to do more this year.
If you would like to book me to give a talk, send me an email or c…