Encore: Big V Day 2007

S7301331Big V Day was an event, held by Chester County Council, BSA, that was open to the public and FREE. At this event there were several different activities that people could try. These activities were focused for the interest of High School and College aged young men and women.
I was there to promote caving, and in particular Dragon Breath Grotto, which has recently been chartered. Amos brought the Philly Grotto Squeeze box and I had set up a “dark” obstacle course. Terry was over at the C.O.P.E. Course demonstrating vertical caving skills.

In the begining a few people just walked by looking at the squeeze box kind of puzzled. I was able to talk a couple people into try it set up high at 12 inches. Once they got the knack of it, there was a continuous line to try it one more notch lower.

By the middle of the afternoon I had to take off, but we did have a three way tie for six inches. Here's a video of one of the those.

S7301317Most people did seem to enjoy it and most who tried were challenged by the tight space. I hope that some will look us up in the future and take us up on our offer to take them caving.

Here's the rest of the pictures I have for the day. Enjoy.


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