Alex Diamond is a Youth Leader in Caving

Alex Diamond is a recipient of the Venturing Silver Award from the co-ed division of Boy Scouts Venturing Crew 23 - the 15th recipient of the award in 17 years! Diamond has been in the Venturing program since 2010. Before then, she was a founding member of Crew 56 where she served as vice president for two terms and became crew president. In 2011, Diamond became a certified “Leave No Trace” trainer, and she has served on the staff of Horseshoe Scout Reservation’s Camp Ware for the past three years, where she most recently taught outdoor skills to Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.
Besides this, 18 year old Diamond has been caving with the NSS youth program, for about 4 years. Not only is she a strong caver, but she has planned, organized and carried out her own caving trips and plans on doing more. She has taught different skills at the National Youth Leaders Training course.
"She is also in high demand as an instructor and organizer for Scouting projects throughout Chester County Council. Because she is such a strong caver, certified in Wilderness First and and CPR, she is my choice to sweep any of my trips. I have no hesitation of putting my life in her hands.” says Allen Maddox, NSS Youth Liaison Committee Chairperson.
Way to go Alex. Thank you for being an Extraordinary Woman caver. Thank you also NSS Youth Liaison Committee for supporting young women to become leaders in caving!
Image2: Allen Maddox
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Women Cavers: Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology


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