Caving With Venturing Crew 363

Gretchen has been caving with me since she first started Venturing at 14 years old. This is her Venturing Crew four years later. Some new and eager faces that have heard her stories and want to experience caving themselves.

By the time we travel the two hours, distribute gear and get ready, it’s almost noon by the time we get inside the cave entrance. Here we talk a little and refresh everyone on cave safety. We divided into two groups and went our separate ways to explore.

We must have had fun because it was four and a half hours till we exited the cave. The sun was setting and it was dark by the time we were ready to go get something to eat.

None of this would have happened without a little help from my friends. Special shout out to Gretchen Hartman, Bill LaPorte, Mike Shank, Daniel Diamond and Sarah Diamond. You guys are awesome.

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