Encore: Caving with Troop 9 May 1, 2004

Since Geocities is closing down, I have to move all my trip reports. They are in a sort of blog form, so I'll be moving them over here, one at a time.

On May 1st, 2004 Boy Scout Troop 9, from Honey Brook, went caving with members of the Philadelphia Grotto. The Troop members consisted of John, Randy, Dan, Shawn, Brandon, Mike, and adult leader Randy. The members of the Grotto were Stacy, Amos, Bill, and Marcy. I played double duty being the Scoutmaster of Troop 9 and the Youth Group Liaison of the Philadelphia Grotto.

Senior Patrol Leader Dan split the boys into two groups and the Grotto members divided themselves as group leaders and sweeps.

The planned 2 to 3 hour tour went very well. The boys had opportunities to explore different parts of this large, maze cave. No injuries, just fun.

All in all the consciences is that the boys want to go back and the grotto has extended them an invitation for next year.


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